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A Small Tale on “Death of Humanity”!

This is not an ancient fairy tale that was left unsaid or a story to uproot black money but just a normal story on black money, the factor which has many developed country still in process of development and would never let them be labelled as developed country.

“Once upon a time, there was time where people were all honest and reliable. There was no black stabbing or cheating. Peace and love lived with these people amidst them as the golden couple. People were abundantly blessed by the good witch happiness. People were living as peaceful as one can imagine; there was no gender biases or race or caste. People did not know the meaning of self storage in Hamilton NZ. They were all innocent like the little kids.

But deep inside the wicked forest, where things were really dark, lived a group of bad witches called hatred, ego, jealousy and death. They did not like the sound coming from the village. People were always happy. They never were sad or feeling something to make these witches powers strong. They do not even talk among themselves. Each of them assign themselves a part of the house and make that their parts never meet.

So, to help themselves and to stop these People’s annoying voices. Ego sent in doubt, jealousy sent in lies along with its daughter, and hatred sent its son along with jealousy daughter into the village.

On the way, jealousy daughter and hatred’s son got into team and made black money with the help of money. They went inside the village together and killed peace. They took love captive that people though love was dead. People were struck again and again with mystery sent in by death. These things gave birth to mistrust, violence and War.

Happiness saw people forgetting it, which meant it had to retreat to the forest leaving a piece of itself in every human being as a farewell memento and the four witches came to the village to rule these people.”

The village is our heart. We should let the love and peace along with happiness rule our lives. We should neglect the bad things like ego, jealousy, hatred and death. It will be there in our hearts, but burry those deep inside that way, you will never have to see them within you. When we are so frustrated, probably, the bad forces are sending misery into our lives. You should trust, use the love to forgive people who is externally trying to harm you. They had let the four witches rule their hearts. But, you do not have to do the same thing.

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