Steps To Plan Your Move

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Moving can be of course exciting since you will be moving to your new home, however the hassle could drive you crazy too. For you to avoid the hassle, you need to plan out your move way ahead of schedule so that you can easily execute it when time comes. So here are some of the easy steps for you to plan it out and be ready on time.


  1. Get rid of unnecessary stuff

First of all, you need to decide on what you will and will not take with you to your new home or HK serviced apartment. And now it’s time to get your hands dirty. Go through all the junk the basement, attic, back yard and garage and dispose of any items that you don’t need. It maybe that your new place is smaller or that you just want to get rid of your old junk; no matter what, less stuff would cost you less in the move. You could sell off some items and get some extra cash, donate or simply throw away the stuff you can’t use.


  1. Pack for the move

Packing could take a long time so you need to start well in advance. You could easily get cardboard boxes for free from supermarkets, borrow a few boxes from a friend or just buy them. Next, label all boxes clearly and mention where they should go in the truck. For example, fragile items such as glassware cannot be loaded at the bottom so mention it clearly. Have one box for your essential items that you’d use till the last minute such as your tooth brush, towels, bedspread etc. Pack all items that go in the same room in one box. It would make unpacking much easier in new furnished serviced apartment Tsim Sha Tsui.


  1. Ask for help

Of course you cannot pull out all your furniture and appliances out of the house by yourself or even with the help of a mover. You’ll need some extra pairs of hands so call up some of your friends and family to help you out. Remember to reward them for helping you. The least you could do is taking them out for dinner or simply ordering in pizza.


  1. Pick out a mover

You could either contact a moving service or do it by yourself. If you do choose to do it by yourself, you need to rent a moving truck, load all your stuff, drive it to your destination, unload your stuff and then return the truck. This could be cheaper but there’s a lot of work involved. However, if you book a moving service, they will do everything for you. You simply have to tell them the date and time and they will be here. Also, they are professionals so they know to handle all your furniture, glassware and other delicate items. Though the price could be high, it is quite worth it.


  1. Unpacking your stuff

Now that you’ve arrived at your new home, you need to start unpacking. First start with the ‘essentials box’, and then move on to the kitchen and bathroom. Set up your bed since after a long day of unpacking and cleaning, you’d want to simply doze off. If you do need some new stuff, you can go shopping. It’s time to set up your new home the way you like.