A Look At Skyscrapers – The Good And The Bad

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A notable feature of many modern urban landscapes is the presence of very tall building structures, commonly termed as skyscrapers. Skyscraper construction in the modern world is becoming more and more advanced, thus producing taller buildings with every passing year. Often having outlandish designs, they are made to stand out from other buildings, even when seen from afar.

No matter what the look like, skyscrapers are not just built for show: in fact, there can be many reasons for starting construction of a steel structure manufacturer http://www.hwarrior.com/en/introduce012.html in a particular area, mostly concerning with the many advantages that such a tall building can offer, including:

  • A Scenic View – One thing that we can all agree upon is that the view from the top floors of a skyscraper can be truly breath-taking. It is no wonder why the tallest skyscrapers in the world are visited daily by many tourists, even though some of them cannot even muster the strength to look down while they are some hundreds of meters away from ground level. Skyscrapers will also add a touch of beauty to otherwise very bland urban landscapes, often producing magnificent skylines.
  • More Space in Congested Areas – The main idea behind the construction of tall buildings is to provide ample space even in areas where land is scarce. This is often the case in large cities, where it is virtually impossible to find a vacant plot of land among masses of buildings. In such cases, a tall skyscraper, with its large steel structure, can offer a lot of space to use as residential areas and as work offices. In short, we can use build one skyscraper which can provide the same accommodation potential of dozens of homes for a fraction of the required land area to build those homes.
  • Efficiency – Skyscrapers, often enveloped by a unitised curtain wall http://www.hwarrior.com/en/introduce006.html system, have inherently large surface areas to be used for other purposed other than housing. For example, it facilitates the installation of a large number of solar panels to harvest energy at a minimal cost, often providing a good amount of self-sustenance to the building itself. Building a skyscraper in is in itself an efficient use of the limited habitable land area.

As you can see, there are quite some significant benefits to erecting skyscrapers. While they are definitely some of the best achievements of mankind, skyscrapers also have a few issues that just cannot be avoided. No matter how you spin it, building skyscrapers uses a lot of resources, from material to manpower. It also requires highly skilled teams of engineers, builders and designers to come up with the best possible skyscraper design, which is also going to take a lot time to finish planning. Skyscrapers are also very vulnerable to natural disasters and accidents just due to their sheer size.