Princess Themed Party Tips

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A princess themed party is something we’ve all been to at some point in our lives. Princess parties let our inner child out, and we have as much fun as the kids, no matter how old! If you’re hosting a princess party, whether it’s your own or your child’s, there are a few main factors you shouldn’t miss out on! Listed below are a few.


The cake, the center of attention atevery party after the person whose birthday it is! A princess themed cake is on every cake maker’s top 5 list, so you don’t have to worry too much about the cake. If you’re following a specific princesses’ theme, then make sure you tell them and get the cake customized to that princess. Don’t forget the fake snow effects when cutting the cake!

Crowns and tiaras

Well, what is a princess without a tiara? This is highly important and is definitely a must have at every princess party. You can get tiaras and crowns at any party store, online or even make your own. Make sure you make or purchase the correct number of tiaras and crowns, so that no one at the party is without one! 


All things pink and purple is what you’re looking for when it comes to decoration. Princess themed party decoration is endless; you can choose from a wide variety. Add in the occasional silver here and there and don’t forgetthe fairy dust! While you’re thinking of decoration, there are several best stores that offer winter effects to set the mood for the princess themed party. Get all the extra help you can while decorating and make the venue look fit for a princess!

Games and activities

Don’t forget the games and unactivities to do during the party. Look up online for games that little kids could play, or even adults if they’re up for it! Make sure you keep everything prepared so that you don’t have to run around last minute. 


The food is always a vital element to anyparty. Don’t forget to book caterers that are well recommended! Add a little twist to the food by making the appetizers look like little princesses or even the desserts. There are several similar ideas online to give you all the inspiration you need! Add a little extra fun to the party by having pink juice and pink desserts! 

Listed above were a few factors you have to have at every princess party. Don’t forget your princess outfit!