Computers And Their Impact On Our Daily Lives

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Reading, writing, painting, sculpting; activities that took up much of the free time of the early nobility of several centuries ago. The ‘untouchables’ were condemned, and the wealthy continued to grow and learn, developing their thoughts and minds and forming newer ideas.

The Invention of the Gutenberg press changed all of this. Making mass printing of books a possibility meant that anyone could get a chance to learn to read and write. This led to the historical Renaissance period, which gave birth to some of the brightest minds the world has ever seen. Such a development of science, art, culture, and literature was only possible because learning was made available to all, whether rich or poor. The most important works in history, from paintings and sculptures to epics, came from this era. Its contribution to the world and the progression of it is immense.

Through scientific discovery and the development of technology, more and more things that people used to consider were impossible, were conquered. The moon landing is an example of such a feat, and will continue to be one of the most significant events in the history of mankind.

The computer is one such modern marvel that has made many other marvels ad achievements possible. Developed from the early inventions of Charles Babbage, the modern computer is a powerhouse capable of processing large amounts of data in less than 1/100th of a second.

As technology continued to advance, fuelled by the power of the computer, many other fields benefitted immensely. The healthcare sector saw the curing of many killer illnesses; the printing and production industry saw machines such as sublimation printers Australia cutting their workload in half; the fresh produce industry saw the introduction of high-tech farming equipment and vehicles that resulted in optimum yield of produce each season.

Computers have also allowed the human connection to persevere beyond borders. With just a few taps on the keys, a mother can speak live to her son on an entirely different continent, and communicate with him as if he were in that very room. The social media phenomenon has also created more awareness towards social issues and how to tackle them. Victims of abuse, rape, and discrimination have been given a voice, and are able to speak up for themselves and others like them, and garner the support of like-minded individuals around the world.

Us as a species have achieved feats that no other living being has ever envisioned, and the computer will always be a reminder of our immense capabilities.