Things To Know Before Setting Up An Office In Hong Kong

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There are many things you will have to know if you are going to start your office in Hong Kong.

At first select a space for your office and then make the most important task of registering for a new company in the city corporation.
After the registration for the company name you will also have to register for doing the business. There are various types of registration such as you can register as a local company or you can apply for the non-Hong Kong Company. The city corporation will provide the business registry certificate which will be the legal certificate for your business if you have successfully apply for the certificate. If you have other type of business then you have to register in the Inland Revenue department. Also, you need to be aware of the different slabs of HK taxation.

It is known to all that if you have to do business, then you have to pay the tax to the govt. And then you need to go to the city’s taxation dept. To avail all the information about vat, service tax and other types of HK taxation, you can also hire a professional.

After the process of business registration and certificate will complete you have to apply for the legal license. Particular license, permits are necessary for your business that you are going to operate in the Hong Kong. You can apply for the business license in online. If you have done the task of application then you can check your application status online. There are various types of application such as restaurant, telecommunicated service and many others, you can also check this Hong Kong company setup cost.

As an owner there are several things to consider about the duties of your employed workers. There are many laws about the protection of the employees, their facilities, compensations, safety, health and many more.

There are many obligations to follow if you pen a company in the city. If you hire employees in the age group of 18 years to 65 years then you must take them as a permanent and temporary employee both and must follow the rules MPF scheme which tells that you have to provide them work for at least 60 days. There are many MPF schemes available there; you can choose what you require. If you are a employer and belongs to the age group of 18 to 65 then you must have to enroll tour name in the MPF scheme. As an employer you have to keep in mind many things such as there should not be any sex discrimination etc.