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Jobs that are Being Lost to Technology


Thanks to the developments in technology, we are now able to do many things we couldn’t do before: we can travel in space, we can measure the temperature of lava while it’s still bubbling in the volcano, and we can perform surgery that is so delicate and minute that the cut is only 4mm long. But the reverse is also true; many people are at risk of losing their jobs because technical innovations have taken them over. Here is a list of jobs that have been usurped by technology:

Farming Wheat

Interestingly, agriculture is the industry that works closest with nature, yet so many of it is mechanized now that one person can single- handedly sow and reap acres upon acres of grain, which used to be the effort of an entire village. There are machines that will disperse the fertile wheat grains in the field at an even, optimum distance for growth. There is a machine for spraying insecticides. There is a machine to reap the wheat and there is an additional machine to tie them in bundles while someone at the back will collect them and put them in gurney sacks to be sold.

Work Coordinators

Where earlier there would be dozens of coordinators in an office, each responsible for one or two aspects of a business, today there is supply and chain management software that had whistled that position down to one person who can sit behind a computer and coordinate several processes and outcomes at the same time.

Supply chain software cuts down on time and manpower, saving the company money on both fronts and most companies use it to increase efficiency. Since a computer can arrange and coordinate much more faster and more accurately than a human can, there is no hope for humans trying to win their jobs back.

Construction Jobs

Construction is one of the few fields which still hire many people, but only because of its high turnover. Most aspects of the job are carried out with the aid of machines. Backhoes and caterpillars dig into soil in half a day what would normally take the effort of ten men over a couple of days. Cement is no longer mixed manually; there is a mechanical mixer for that. Even painting is done with spray cans that have a smoother finish than manual painting. While machines have not been able to completely take over human positions in construction work, it has put a limit on the number of men or women needed at a particular job as only one or two is actually needed to operate one.

Cost Impacts Of Sustainable Construction

Nowadays there is much emphasis on buildings being made in eco friendly and sustainable ways. That might be advocated by environmentalists for the keeping of the resources and health of the overall environment. However, it can have an additional cost impact on building constructions. These need to be estimated and made clear to investors and buyers so that a building project does not end up in the doldrums due to the increased costs that come by for sustainable practices being incorporated.

Costs of building materials

When builders adopt the sustainable approach they need to look at the costs of building materials that are eco friendly and sustainable. From the use of earthen bricks or steel structures, many construction sites see the use of recycled and reclaimed building materials. The sourcing of these materials involves additional costs. Again, getting certified wood products also means paying a higher price for such premium products and raw materials. All such costs need to be incorporated in a building estimating software. 

Costs of labor

When the sustainable approach is taken up by builders, they need to practice equitable practices for workers. The workers need to pay fair living wages and given proper working conditions. Temporary living arrangements need to be eco friendly as well. Proper measures of safety and security need to be taken as well. These practices are desirable and costs for labor need to be estimated accordingly. With standard rates and considerations the total labor costs can be estimated by a building estimating software.

Costs of energy usage

Energy is another form of resource that is used in different ways in a construction site. In order to make a construction an eco friendly initiative, the builder needs to be conscious of the energy usage and take steps to make it less impactful on the environment. That would include using alternate sources of power, implementing energy saving design features in the building plan and so forth. These are state of the art practices and expert advice and consultation need to be sought for energy saving building designs.

Selling projects to buyers

Sustainable buildings usually fall more costly for the above reasons. However, due to the use of recycled and refurbished materials in the construction, energy saving designs and fair labor practices, these projects are sought out by eco friendly buyers. Those who wish to care for the environment and support building projects that are certified as green would be willing to pay a premier price for them. Hence, the right customer segment needs to be targeted when marketing such projects. With the right segment being advertised to, it would not be hard to find funding for such projects by builders.

Roof Restoration And The Benefits It Has To Offer For You

Restoration of the roof is needed, most especially if you left it untreated for years. It could surely put your house’s value or your commercial building’s value to drop. No one will buy a property that’s been infested with mold and mildew due to an owner’s neglect.

Well, if you’re thinking about increasing sthe value of your property, it would be ideal for you to consider roof restoration. This process provides amazing benefits for you. Here they are for you: 

1. Increase property value- as mentioned, restoration of the roof could surely increase the value of the home. So, if you’re thinking about selling or hoping that one day you’ll make a profit on your property, it is only wise to keep on top of your restoration needs. The aesthetics of your home simply play a big role in the entirety of the value. Whenever your roof is looking beat-up and somewhat worse for wear, it would be very hard to repair or conceal. The common imperfections such as the cracks from contraction and expansion, erosion from the heavy weather exposure as well as deterioration from the debris take away the physical beauty of the property, making it look aged and neglected. So, when you consider restoration of your property’s roof, you can effectively increase the value of your property.

2. Extend the life expectancy of your roof- unless precaution is needed through the restoration, the damages within your roof are pretty much inevitable, most especially when living in places prone to rough wind and rain. You definitely want to make sure that replacing your roof doesn’t really become the only option you had. Make sure that you consider preventative measures that can increase the durability of your roof. By neglecting your roof to deteriorate from certain causes like moisture, dirty water absorption, water runoffs and more, it will cut many years of the actual life duration, which is not ideal. Look at here now for more details regarding water proofing.

3. Save money- if you consider a roof restoration as early as possible, it could surely save you more money. Keep in mind, prevention is always better than cure. Restoring a roof the moment when it seems so helpless, old and almost falling apart could surely cost you more, instead of taking care of it as early as possible. Repairs of worse damage can be far more expensive than taking care of it when it’s just about to start.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get these benefits mentioned above, it’s the best time for you to get roof restoration contractors in Sunshine Coast now before it’s too late.

How To Have A Tension Free Workplace In The Kitchen


We all know that the intensity in working in large scale industrial kitchen is beats nothing like a home cook doing culinary wonders in a home kitchen. This is the reason why these professional kitchens draw up a lot of attention that ranges from running top of the notch restaurants, reality TV cooking programmers and cooking documentaries. Either way, the people involved in these industrial large scale kitchens need to be thorough and alert when running kitchen errands. This is when safety is highlighted. Large scale kitchens are involved with multiple individuals, faced with various tasks for completion. When the number of people increase space becomes a question no matter how large and spacious the kitchen area is. This is when all workers need to be extra cautious and need to be alert in safety protocols to minimize the output of dangers from arising.

Safety comes first at all times

First and foremost, all authorized heads need to be aware of the placement of quality fire hydrants and state of the art fire managing tools and equipments. Work stations need to be placed away from cookers and burners to prevent workers from been fatigued and dazed from the heat that emits from the burners and ovens. Large scale kitchens cannot do without a deep fryer. This commercial kitchen equipment is one must have console that makes certain food preparations cut shot in time duration.
The task of cleaning this deep fryer is no easy task for child’s play as it is much dangerous and complicating. It is advisable to outsource this part of cleaning to professionals who have the expertise in cleaning such commercial kitchen equipment in Brisbane to avoid kitchen staff been burnt and bruised.

Make sure the workstations have plenty of shelf space when it comes to storage in order to avoid piling up items one top of another. During construction of mass kitchens, make sure there is a drainage system inside the kitchen area to avoid the collection of spilled water that will tend to pool on the surface. Place anti slip mats in areas that maybe prone to the floor of water or spills. Especially in areas like the hand wash sink area or beverage are more prone to liquid spills. To soak up spilled grease and oil place grease resistant mats near cooking and grilling counters to avoid messy floors. Place an umbrella stand or coat hooks to place wet items in a corner to avoid spills across the kitchen floor. Large scale kitchens need to be equipped with bright lights so that everybody is clear on their task in hand.

Things To Know Before Setting Up An Office In Hong Kong

There are many things you will have to know if you are going to start your office in Hong Kong.
At first select a space for your office and then make the most important task of registering for a new company in the city corporation.After the registration for the company name you will also have to register for doing the business. There are various types of registration such as you can register as a local company or you can apply for the non-Hong Kong Company. The city corporation will provide the business registry certificate which will be the legal certificate for your business if you have successfully apply for the certificate. If you have other type of business then you have to register in the Inland Revenue department. Also, you need to be aware of the different slabs of HK taxation.
It is known to all that if you have to do business, then you have to pay the tax to the govt. And then you need to go to the city’s taxation dept. To avail all the information about vat, service tax and other types of HK taxation, you can also hire a professional.
After the process of business registration and certificate will complete you have to apply for the legal license. Particular license, permits are necessary for your business that you are going to operate in the Hong Kong. You can apply for the business license in online. If you have done the task of application then you can check your application status online. There are various types of application such as restaurant, telecommunicated service and many others, you can also check this Hong Kong company setup cost.
As an owner there are several things to consider about the duties of your employed workers. There are many laws about the protection of the employees, their facilities, compensations, safety, health and many more.
There are many obligations to follow if you pen a company in the city. If you hire employees in the age group of 18 years to 65 years then you must take them as a permanent and temporary employee both and must follow the rules MPF scheme which tells that you have to provide them work for at least 60 days. There are many MPF schemes available there; you can choose what you require. If you are a employer and belongs to the age group of 18 to 65 then you must have to enroll tour name in the MPF scheme. As an employer you have to keep in mind many things such as there should not be any sex discrimination etc.