Grooming Mistakes You Need To Avoid; Starting Now!

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A woman has plenty of grooming stuff to take care of. So does a man. From getting too much of sun’s tan to shaving scars on the face, there are quite a lot of grooming issues that a man has to take care off in his daily life. Well, not all of them are incidental. Some of them happen because you are careless, or simply ignorant. Read below to know about some common grooming mistakes that you must learn to avoid from today; right now.

Using cologne, the right way- Of course well-chosen cologne can make women drool. But that is not a reason for you to bathe yourself in too much of cologne. Make sure you use only an optimum amount of cologne that too in the right places where it will have the best impact. Make sure you apply little bit of cologne on the back of your neck, ear and wrists to have the best effect. An experienced casual wear distributor once commented that mild cologne used well can make a better impact than putting on all formal wear.

Don’t skip the moisturizer- One common mistake that most men make is to skip using moisturizer when they step out in the open. Nothing can be more harmful to your skin than letting the ultra-violet rays seep deep into your skin layers. Given the condition of the male skin, it is essential that use adequate amount of moisturizer on regular intervals. Ask your casual wear distributor to help you choose dresses that will not hurt when you are wearing funky models. 

Thought dress and skin care will take care of your grooming? The biggest grooming mistake a man can make is to leave his nails dirty and spoiled. Clean nails show that you are a gentleman who takes personal grooming seriously. Make sure you trim and clean your nails on a daily basis. Dirty nails can cause fungus infections and can destroy your health too. Not to mention how disgusting it is to shake hands with someone who forgets to take care of his nails, check this good cosmetic travel set.

Made dry shaving a habit because you have no time for a full-fledged shave- Well, then your facial beauty is all set to tarnish in half time. Shaving with no moisture on your skin can damage skin cells rapidly. Plus, the use of electronic shavers and razors will also add to our agony of itching and inflammation all during the day. Hence, give dry shaving a break and use only foam base gel for your grooming. For long-lasting results use only one razor at a time. Don’t play cheap with your facial looks.